How to Find the Best Deals in Shopping Centres Across Australia

We no longer have enough free time to wander around shopping centres to find the best deals from our favourite fashion brands. The good news is that we no longer need to! There are easy-to-use tools out there which can help you use your time in shopping centres more efficiently and go to the shops that you only really need to visit.

I love shopping and enjoy wandering around the shopping centres to find high quality products at a decent price. Whether it be the fashion section or other sections, I even enjoy window-shopping especially when I go there with a couple of friends. Isn’t it fun? We talk about different things as we walk around the place, look at the jeans, shirts and other things and, all of a sudden, there is that exciting offer on that one item that I love. Bingo! Double pleasure!

That all sounds fun, but here is the problem: I no longer have that free time to wander around a shopping centre for many hours only to have fun! With so many things on my table to deal with on daily basis, I’m no longer able to spend that much of my time for shopping. So, I have to use certain tools to keep me informed about all related offers and deals from my favourite brands. This is something Brantasy is built for and very efficient at. Let me share with you how Brantasy helps me save a lot of time in finding good deals.

When Planning for a Shopping Day

We often dedicate a specific day to go shopping. That might be for going to the biggest shopping centre in town (e.g. Chadstone Shopping Centre), the smaller and closer shopping centre nearby (e.g. Melbourne Central), or visiting a particular area famous for shopping (e.g. Bourke Street). Let’s assume you want to go shopping this Saturday. Wouldn’t it make your shopping day much more efficient (and save you a few bucks) if you knew that six of your favourite fashion brands will have a special deal this weekend? Couldn’t you then look at the possible shopping destinations and make sure that you can see all of those brands in the same day and preferably in one day? Wouldn’t you save a lot of time on a Saturday by simply going directly to those six shops when you first arrive at the shopping centre and, perhaps, visiting the other shops only if you were not able to find what you were looking for? Or maybe you prefer to spend the rest of your day with your friends and family chatting about the great deals that you found and the beautiful clothes you just bought.

That’s exactly what you can do by using Brantasy. You can browse the list of existing offers and note down the ones you like (or bookmark them in the app), and then choose the shopping destination accordingly to make sure you visit as many of those stores having the offers as possible. Going through the list of offers, you might even find gift ideas for a beloved one.

No Plans for Shopping, but Inside a Shopping Centre Anyway

There are times that we have no plans to go shopping. It might be because we don’t have enough time, or that we are not lovers of shopping anyway and don’t enjoy spending our time around stores or, perhaps, because we feel we don’t need to buy anything at the moment. But we don’t only visit shopping centres when we want to buy something, do we? We sometimes want to catch up with a friend or colleague, and it turns out that the coffeeshop in that nearby shopping centre is actually the best place to catch up. You might need to do some supermarket shopping to make dinner tonight, and the best supermarket is located inside the shopping centre near your home or office. There are other scenarios where you might end up in a shopping centre while not intending to purchase any fashion merchandise. But, since you are there already, it would be nice if you could quickly check the shops of your favourite brands and see if they have anything on offer that you might miss. Oh I would love to do that, but never find the time to just wander around hoping that someone has an interesting sale, multi-offer discounts or new arrivals in-store.

Here is what you can do. After you are finished visiting your friend or colleague, or bought what you needed from the supermarket, if you still have some spare time, browse the list of current offers brought to you by Brantasy and check if any of your favourite brands have any offers at that time. If you found one, then it’s merely a matter of spending a few more minutes to visit their local store to check out what is on offer. Wouldn’t that save you a lot of time?

Other Amazing Ways to Find the Deals on Brantasy

While you could check out all the available offers on Brantasy and search among them to find what you want, there are other more efficient ways to get to what you want with less browsing. If you like to search for a particular brand, you should visit the page of that brand on Brantasy by clicking on that brand in the list of all brands. That way you will be able to check out each brand without having to spend time browsing the list of other offers (though I think you will always find interesting and relevant offers in that list).

If you want to see gender-specific offers, you are able to browse the list of events relevant to women or men – and, yes, ladies always get a lot more offers than the gentlemen! If you want to buy something for the younger ones, you can find such offer in the list of kids’ deals.

And, of course, Brantasy App is the best method to receive the offers, promotions, new arrivals and other news in a personalised way for you based on your preferences. Best of all, it’s all free to use.

Keep shopping! Retail therapy is the best therapy ;) :D

By Braahin (14 March 2017)