About Brantasy

Here is our story...

The story of Brantasy (‘Brand’ + ‘Fantasy’) began in 2015 when we realised that we were unable to stay tuned and updated to all of the interesting offers from our favourite fashion brands. We were regularly missing the news about sales, special offers and new arrivals because there were simply too many emails to read. It was tedious registering to receive the news from all the separate brands, and most of what we were receiving was not relevant to us as individual consumers. News updates totally lacked gender specificity while there was no personalisation based on product categories.

We loved the idea of having a central place to receive only the news important to us – tailored, personalised, filtered, and displayed in a user-friendly manner. Also, we wanted to have easy access to the websites of all the brands so that we could quickly purchase what interested us. Unfortunately, that platform did not previously exist. However, the good news is that we have built it ourselves! Welcome to ‘Brantasy’…

Here is a clear explanation of what Brantasy exactly is. First of all Brantasy is not an online shop. We do not stock or sell any products to our users. Brantasy is a news delivery platform that displays to you the latest news and updates about your favourite brands based on your preferences. It filters all the unwanted and irrelevant news while delivering to you only what matters based on your preferences. And, it is very easy to use – offering direct click-throughs to purchase directly from a brand.

The company behind Brantasy is called ‘RoutingLab Pty Ltd’ and is based in Melbourne, Australia. We are a very close team that loves to spend time together and work with each other. Brantasy is basically the brainchild of Shaahin Madani, Borhan Kazimipour and Poya Parvaneh. It took many hours of thinking, brainstorming, designing, sketching, data collection and programming; and most of this time was spent in RMIT University campus where we completed our graduate degrees. We love RMIT’s vibrant culture and appreciate the support of RMIT Activator. Our team includes other members located in Australia and overseas who help us with various aspects of the project including aspects of the software development and testing.

Brantasy is the solution to a problem that ourselves and thousands of others used to face, and we continue to strive to develop our website and mobile apps in a simple, elegant and familiar fashion. We would love to hear from the users of Brantasy and will take all feedback into consideration.